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With products and customised solutions from Felder you will be sustainably successful. The linear surface of the steel rollers running on the hardened and ground guiding surface guarantees unbeatable precision and smoothness. KF 700 S Professional. The Felder 700 Series spindle aggregate sets standards that are unparalleled. Immediately you will receive the settings and can set the electronic double miter gauge accordingly. The fully equipped FELDER K940S is the ideal solution for exhibition booth builders and skateboard manufacturers. For you to read "offline" at home - our machine catalogues, brochures and special offer flyers with operating descriptions, detailed views, equipment options and highlights. Par type; Par Marque; Enchères. The machines have always made me very satisfied. The Felder 700 Series spindle aggregate sets standards that are unparalleled. Combo Sliding table Saw and Shaper.9' sliding table;Two 5.5hp motors: for saw and shaper.Saw max blade 300mm & has independent scoring motor 1hp.Shaper has 1-1/4' and 4 spindle speeds 3500/6500/8000/1 For a convenient option we can equip your Felder 700 Series machine with start buttons for the main and scoring blades. utlisé / d'occasion Combinée FELDER KF 700 S Professional, Année de construction 2008 Combinée FELDER KF 700 S Professional Acheter d'occasion En continuant à utiliser ce site web, vous consentez à l'utilisation de cookies. 102222 Results for. KF 500 P. KF 700. Enchères en … The advantage of the Felder degree index is that the stop is set and fixed with-out losing time or ­making reading errors. When working with narrow and thin cuts of wood or with the saw blade tilted, it can be inverted and used in the lying position. Used Felder K700 S Sliding Table Saw - Coast Machinery Group Felder K700 S Sliding Table Saw Felder K700 S Sliding Table Saw: pin. Carbide Tooling 2115 Carroll Landing Dr. Tampa, Florida 33610 United States. Looking to Purchase a New FELDER KF 700 S Professional? The use of a power feeder ensures that standard work when moulding can be carried out cleanly and precisely. Top quality from Austria at the best price. Electronic precision! Once complete (estimate 2-3 weeks), I will be selling along with an RL-125 Dust Collector. Additional to the parallel guiding of the spindle fence the MULTI-adjustment system also enables. A special, highly durable synthetic material situated in the guide of the tilting segment ensures extremely smooth movement and long-lasting precision. Change the speed simply from the front of the machine. They have great customer service, they answer any of our questions and work with us to solve any problems we come across. I've got a Felder Kf 700 s with a few extra bells and whistles and it is brilliant. The telescopic crosscut fence with mounting system and ergonomically designed scale with magnifying lens on the crosscut stop guarantees precise settings and crosscuts up to 2600 mm. Hammer/Felder comes with nice attachments for hand feed. High precision and operating smoothness is guaranteed by 8 bearing guide rollers situated in the outrigger telescopic arm. Circular saws tupis KF 500 Professional. A panel saw and tilting spindle moulder – with the KF 700 saw-spindle moulder, Felder has combined two top-quality professional woodworking machines to form an unbeatable combination. The fence allows tooling of a maximum diameter of 230 mm to be used. By choosing a product from Felder, you have maximum decision-making reliability and many personal advantages. FELDER® FD21 professional ... Dowel boring has never been so precise. Thanks to removable flanges and table insert, the Felder designed, fully adjustable dado cutters can be used. Additional functions such as the input of successive measurements make your daily working life easier. For chip free cutting of laminated panels. The KF 500 is an inexpensive saw for professional woodworking.­ The tiltable saw blade, precise professional rip fence, the ­patented “X-Roll” aluminium sliding table with a 10 year ­factory guarantee and the tried and tested 500 cutting … A precise, guided, doublesided support, guarantees maximum load bearing and tolerance free tilting and is absolutely maintenance free. Advantages of the Felder spindle quick change system: The Felder rearward tilting ­spindle is the correct way for easy and safe operation: There is a problem with the SSO connection, please try again. 700 S Professional. Here are my initial pro's and cons after about a week of use: K700S, pros - really solid, smooth and relatively silent to operate - adjustment settings are easy - very complete manual - installing the dado type cutter is faster than i thought and it works great. Panel saw, Felder Type KF 700 S Professional 80-05 / 174: pin. If the matter is urgent you can call our hotline centre for straightforward immediate help. Combined this results in an almost 100 % trans­mission of power to the saw blade. Since their invention in 1969, Felder system table extensions have become a very common and useful choice for most Felder owners. The continuously developed linear guiding system from Felder has been astounding woodworkers since 1990. The crosscut fence is 43” (1100 mm) for crosscuts between +45° and –45°. F 500 M. F 500 MS. F 700 M. F 700 Z. F 900 M. F 900 Z. CF 531. Circular saws tupis Felder KF 700 S Professional. The optional „Power-Drive“ control system for precise setting and repeatability allows premium class operating comfort. FELDER K 915 Standard. I cannot fault the..." Read more, "The FB 740RS Resaw bandsaw has been a great tool in my shop, Felder was able to get it in and help me maintain and answer..." Read more, "My entire workshop is from Felder. Quality and precision in a nutshell. ". Router fence '240'. The high quality­ ­format sliding table guiding ­technology “X-Roll” comes with a 10 year Felder warranty and offers amazing operating smoothness and is completely maintenance free. SAW/SPINDLE MOULDER KF 700 S PROFESSIONAL FELDER has a cutting length of 2500-3200mm, a cutting width of 800-1250mm, a cutting height of 104mm. The Felder device for tilting the feeder away means the power feeder always remains on the machine and can be used at any moment without problems. Power-Drive (Moulder spindle) The fully electrical “Power-Drive” control offers exact adjustment and repeat accuracy. 100 mm with main saw blade 300 mm, 800 mm rip capacity, min. If you would like more infortmation, please feel free to email and I will The electronically balanced saw arbor with dual bearing seat system is powered via a Poly-V belt. Hurtado & Rivas, S.L. SLINDING TABLE SAW – SPINDLE MOULDER KF 700 PROFESSIONAL FELDER. Combined circular saw/ milling machine of the manufacturer Felder / Hall in Tirol. Panel saw and tilting shaper - two professional woodworking machines uncompromisingly combined together. Since 1956, a guarantee for perfect results with excellent ease of use and reliability in regular professional use. transport width 800 mm, Cutting width 800 mm with full table, min. Les machines combinées FELDER In addition, index positions at 15º, 20º, 25º, 30º, 35º, 40º and 45º can be used when working with the fence in both the fore and aft positions on the outrigger. Felder. : 230 mm. The crosscut fence can be positioned between 90°-45° and has one crosscut stop as standard. cons Your direct line to our customer service - contact us 24/7 online. Circular saws tupis KF 700 Professional. The FELDER circular saw unit “104” Manufactured entirely from cast iron, the new Felder “104” saw unit fulfils the highest demands of modern woodworking. The easy to read rip scale is perfectly intergrated into the saw table. We offer this size of arbor for increased stability when performing a bigger cut and also more user safery when especially using dado tooling. What is important to you? ­tooling diameter 230 mm, fence plates 400 mm, MULTI adjustment for spindle fence 230 (#112), Spindle fence plates anodised with “safety bar guides” (#112), Dimension sliding table M, cutting length 1300 mm**, Dimension sliding table, cutting length 1550 mm**, Dimension sliding table L, cutting length 2050 mm**, Dimension sliding table F, cutting length 2500 mm(98"), anodised** with edging shoe, Dimension sliding table X, cutting length 2800 mm(110"), anodised** with edging shoe, Dimension sliding table XL, cutting length 3200 mm(126"), anodised** with edging shoe, 1100 mm Outrigger table for 1300–2050 mm sliding tables, 1300 mm Outrigger table for 1300–2500 mm sliding talbes, Crosscut fence 1100 mm(43") for all sliding tables, Telescopic extension for crosscut fence 1100 mm(43") to 2000 mm(78") (#164), Crosscut fence 2600 mm for outrigger table (#159/160), Crosscut fence 2600 mm for outrigger table, X-Roll system instead of crosscut fence 1100 mm (#159/160), Crosscut fence 3200 mm for outrigger table, X-Roll system with 2 crosscut stops instead of crosscut fence 2600 mm (#166/168+159/160), Precision mitre unit with pin locating system for outrigger table crosscut fence, Precision mitre guide with cutting length compensation for 1300/1500 outrigger, 1500 mm Outrigger table for 2500–3700 mm sliding tables, Digital cross cut stop 1900 mm(74"), 1 digital fence stop, extendable to 3200 mm(126") for outrigger 1500, Outrigger digital cross cut stop 3200 mm(126"), 2 digital fence stops, for outrigger table 1500, Min. Unique detailed solutions and intuitive, safe operation are values on which Felder® customers have relied on for decades. Quick change system of the spindle shaft, Standard Circular saw - spindle moulder combination machine FELDER KF 700 S Professional. The patented tilt segment “Easy-Glide” fulfills the highest requirements in businesses and industries. KF. Innovative detailed solutions, tried and tested Felder technology and perfect components for perfect woodworking – the answer to every challenge. Panel saw and tilting spindle moulder - with the KF 700 saw-spindle moulder Felder has combined two top quality professional woodworking machines forming an unbeatable combination. We are happy to advise you online, over the phone or on-site at one of our more than 270 sales and service centres worldwide. $ 4,441.00 More information The single handed quick clamping and fine adjusment systems ensure quick and accurate setting of the rip fence. Van Schoonhoven Hermesweg 34 Barneveld 3771 Netherlands. The saw blade height and the angle settings can be adjusted at the turn of a knob, the fine setting adjustments are carried out to tenth of a millimetre accuracy using a push button. Within seconds and without the use of tools you are able to increase the working surface of your Felder. Do you know the "golden section" or do you know how to calculate the "cutting speed" when cutting or moulding? No reading errors due to the vernier scale. Take a step "UP" in your machine and also in your tooling. With large ­dimensioned tenoning and panel ­raising tooling, the cutterblock can be ­conveniently positioned below the table. The aluminum rip fence plate can be adjusted foward and back to optimise the feed of work pieces. The FELDER type G300 machine is used for edge banding of furniture boards. The saw arbor diameter on our machinery is a standard European size of 30 mm (1,18"). Saw Spindle - felder KF 700 S Professional Supplier: Felder Group Pty Ltd A saw spindle combination from Felder, is an investment in 2 high quality, professional and independant machines. Innovative detailed solutions, tried and tested Felder technology and perfect components for perfect woodworking – the answer to every challenge. transport width 800 mm, Extractor hose mounting for rip capacity 800/1250 mm, Overhead saw guard for 800/1250 mm cutting width, swings away from the working area, Electrical height adjustment of the moulding spindle with LED-display („Power-Drive“ F1) (#110), Electrical height and angle adjustment of the spindle moulder with LED display (#201), Scale for tilting spindle moulder on the hand wheel (!119), Moulder spindle Ø 30 mm, usable height 115 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 32 mm, usable height 115 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 35 mm, usable height 115 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 50 mm, usable height 115 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 1¼”, usable height 115 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 30 mm, usable height 140 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 40 mm, usable height 160 mm, Moulder spindle Ø 50 mm, usable height 160 mm, High speed router spindle 15,000 rpm, instead of Ø 30 mm spindle, Spindle moulder fence 230 for max. I particularly appreciate the competent..." Read more, "Our Company has been in business for 60 years, as a family owned business of go-getters we are careful about the type of..." Read more, "The Raum.Bau team around Mukunda Rüstig was able to see for themselves the advantages of a Felder machine at their latest..." Read more. According to the manufacturer: "The golden mean for professional woodworking." Silent-Power® "c-tech" spiral blade cutterblock with special cutting geometry for plastic processing, Cutting length: 51⅛"–98⅜" (1,300–2,500 mm), “X-Roll” sliding table, 10 year guarantee, Installation length: 96¼"–111⅜" (2444–2828 mm), End trimming unit with linear or radius trimming, More operating comfort: Digi-Drive-control, Cutting length: 98⅜"–126" (2,500–3,200 mm). The tilting guide system, a synthetic material tried and tested in aerospace and lock construction, works without the requirement of lubrication and is totally resistant to dust. ", "Our Company has been in business for 60 years, as a family owned business of go-getters we are careful about the type of equipment we use, which is why we do a lot of business with Felder. The beveled miter scale with hairline readout is visible from the operating area and thus allows exact reading of the required crosscut value. Register now and benefit from valuable free downloads and free added-value news all around the exciting topic of woodworking. De coupe parallèle s’effectue via un moteur pas à pas l’axe est intégré sous la table système de changement rapide de lame de scie. Easy to use: Simply enter the desired angle as well as the widths of your work pieces on the keyboard. Ken Dzor I am in the process of reconditioning a Felder KF-700 S-Pro Sliding table saw/Shaper and an AD-741/02 Joiner/Planer/Mortiser. The KF 700, KF 700 Professional models, with sliding table lengths of 1300, 1550, 2050 or 2500 mm as well as 1100 and 1300 mm outrigger tables, offer sufficient space for easy in-feed and comfortable processing of large-format workpieces. Milling stop p. Ø tools max . The large table opening allows for maximum operator safety. FELDER. ", "My entire workshop is from Felder. With a 6 year factory guarantee this Felder component offers reliabilty for many years to come. Increase your working surface area as needed – Felder System Table Extensions Use of the Felder high speed router spindle for router bits or high speed tools at 15,000 rpm. Contact Sales Rep. Distributors. “Single lever” clamping system: fast and simple assembly without tools. The unit has digital controls for blade height/ shaper height, blade speed/ shaper speed and digital rip fence. COMBINÉE PANNEAUTEUSE / TOUPIE AVEC ENTRAINEUR 3 ROULEAUX FELDER KF 700 S FELDER Scies à format Scies à panneaux HORIZONTALES SAINT GHISLAIN Nord Pas de Calais - Belgique - Pays Bas BELGIQUE 250,00 €

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