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Common features of all Retinette IA cameras: no built-in meter. $35 plus $5. Kodak confusingly referred to these two numbers with the screw-on filters that came out of Kodak AG in Germany. I like that this model, as many of the early Retinas do, has both a T and B shutter position. I’ll talk more about filters in the Accessories section below. If you over-turn the small release knob, you’ll get wide spacing, and if you don’t turn it enough, the frames can in fact rub right up against each other. You can filter our sample images by model from Cameras or Lenses . to get notified about sales and new products.. Pre-Owned. It’s important to note that with the Nr. Distance estimation or zone focusing takes some getting used to if you’ve not done it before, and it is a bit prone to error — especially with this camera. The camera was sold with film sealed inside, and the whole unit was mailed back to Rochester for film processing and replacement. 117 — was (as detailed above) merely a viewfinder camera. In this case, the lens is a 4 element, 3 group tessar design. C $188.61. Even after using these cameras for awhile now, I still do it occasionally. 21 adapter is a much smarter choice. In the USA, Kodak seemed to prefer its own “Series” system for filters, which consists of an adapter that is lens-specific, and drop-in filter capsules that are not threaded. While I don’t know about the 117 specifically since I’ve never seen one with such a lens, some of the Retina cameras were equipped with Kodak-Anastigmat lenses that did not have filter threads. And starting with the 119, the A/R tab was moved to a small lever on the rear of the top housing as well. 35mm DX 400 135-36 (108 Pics) (Pack of 3), Basic $29.00 ($9.67 / 1 Item) Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Once the roll is exhausted, a tab on the advance knob is moved until an “R” shows in its small window. I know plenty of people would argue with me, but despite its limitations in terms of replaceable lenses, I think a Kodak Retina IIIC is objectively as good, as well-engineered (if not better), and as high quality a camera as either one of them — it just lacks the buzz factor. Technically, it’s no doubt much more to do with the shutter opening, but regardless, the two can be segregated by their sizes, which are broadly either 27 or 32. s & h. Large Print Viewer ($45 + $5 s&h) and Side-by-Side Viewers ($55 + $5s&h). My particular example of this camera has some slight paint loss and a small “Zeiss bump” on the rear door, but is otherwise basically a museum-quality example, and I’m terrified to drop it or damage it. He also knew I was looking for one, and mentioned it to me — it was a no-brainer to reserve the camera sight-unseen, as Paul’s taste and judgement in these cameras is well-proven to me at this point. Because I have not located an owner’s manual for the 117, nor do I possess any sort of vintage sales materials for the camera, I can’t speak to any accessories that may have been available at the time. 6,73 EUR de frais de livraison. The Kodak Pola-Screen, a polarizing filter, is commonly found but almost none have survived well due to the materials used in manufacture. $600.01. It required bringing-out the tape measure and doing some math to figure-out how to translate the diopter increase into a focusing scale distance and subject distance, but it did, in fact, work nicely. Dating of the camera via the lens' serial no.[3]. It was amazingly innovative and feature laden, actually outshining the contemporary Leica and Contax in terms of features. In any case, the three groups in my mind are: That’s quite a list, and while I’ve checked it twice, it’s entirely possible that I even missed one in there somewhere. En son sein, dénichez rapidement le produit Kodak Vintage Rétro M35 35mm Appareil photo argentique réutilisable bleu au meilleur prix grâce aux tarifs avantageux proposés par nos marchands et nos réductions régulièrement mises en avant. History. There are plenty of really poor examples on eBay, not to mention grossly overpriced good examples. It was a basic cardboard box camera with a simple meniscus lens that took 2 1/4-inch square pictures on 117 roll film.It was conceived and marketed for sales of Kodak roll films. They are all based on existing 35mm film SLRs from Nikon, Canon and Sigma. A-mount. where the filter itself is irreparably cloudy or hazy, usually in a loose round pattern in the middle of the filter itself — seemingly especially a problem in the yellow filters, like the very common Wratten K2. adelinelamy. 37,05 EUR. 25,00 EUR de frais de livraison. (And the Orwo film isn’t bad either, it just has a more pronounced grain than I get from Delta 100.). There are dual scales for aperture, one on the top, and one on the photographer’s left side of the lens body (shown in the photo above), and a very hard-to-see pointer shows the setting. As such, the focus ring is scaled in meters. Between the limited speed of the shutter, and the limited small aperture, this is not a camera well-suited to daylight shots with modern fast films. flash cold shoe (1959-1963) flash hot shoe (1963-1967) The Retinette IA was produced in several versions: Aperture: up to f/16; setting: lever and scale on the lens-shutter barrel 1.2. eBay Money Back … The story of August Nagel and Kodak’s purchase of his Stuttgart, Germany-based camera company in 1931 has been told many times; I even recapped a version of it in my review of the Kodak Retina IIc. This also unlocks the advance knob; turn it anti-clockwise until it stops, and you’re ready for the next frame. Here we have a beautiful and fully functional Kodak Retina II F with a fixed Schneider-Kreuznach Retina Xenar 45mm F/2.8 lens. Kodak Retina Reflex (Type 025) 35mm Film Camera with case and filter: VGC Tested. Mouse over to zoom-Click to enlarge. Release is performed either by a lever on the photographer’s upper right, or by using the plunger on the photographer’s upper left. Shutter release on all the pre-war Retinas I own is best described as a “hair trigger.” By that, I mean you could practically breathe on the release and it’ll trip the shutter. Focus range: 4-50 feet +inf 2. In any event, I strongly believe that this case is original to the 117. Kodak D-76 is a powder developer for black and white film, and is an excellent product for general usage.. Kodak D-76 offers a good compromise between sharp contours, optimal grayscale rendering, fine grain, and high sensitivity to light.. The “S” models are apparently very nice cameras, but the Reflex and Automatic ones are complicated, fussy and difficult to repair — all things that make me steer clear of them.*. $600.01. ou Offre directe. The IIC wasn’t as long-lived, but IIIC was made until 1960, at which point the folding Retina story came to an end. While other pre-war models may have the black lacquer paint, the 117 is the only model equipped with the film release knob. Nikon F + DW-1 Waist-Level Viewfinder 35mm Film Analogkamera SLR. 17 nov. 2018 - Appareils photos. America's Best System 35 Camera. P&P: + £34.11 P&P . 19 juin 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "KODAK Ad" de Hervé Georges sur Pinterest. 21 adapter, as mentioned previously. La marca y la imagen comercial Kodak son usadas bajo licencia de Kodak. Popular *NEWEST* 5 rolls of Kodak Portra 160 (36 exp) 35mm … Operationally, the purpose of them all is the same, it’s just a change in design approach. Kodak M38 35mm réutilisable Camera Appareil photo argentiques (5 Couleur) 34,80 EUR à 42,80 EUR. Tags: kodak kodak star zoom 70 compact 35mm more » appareil photo de collection appareil photo argentique « less. Job Lot of 5 Vintage 35mm Film Cameras - Olympus Canon - Spares or Repairs. Engraving on the bottom plate: serial no. The 26 year long run (World War II notwithstanding) of folding Kodak Retinas included over two dozen separate models and sub-types, some far more interesting than others. Cameras & Photo > Film Photography > Film Cameras. ASA 80, 20 exposures. Finder is clean. $128.47 23 bids + $30.58 shipping . £124.95 + £10.95 P&P . Focusing is completely decoupled from the viewfinder, meaning that you must measure (or carefully estimate) the distance from your camera to your subject (if it’s anything remotely close to you), and then dial that onto the focusing scale. $29.00 4x Kodak UltraMax 400 Speed 35mm 36 Exposures Film. And it goes without saying that a handheld exposure meter, metering app, or the “Sunny 16” method must be employed to know where and how to set the camera’s aperture and shutter speed properly. C $12.05 5 bids + shipping . The Anastigmat Special is Kodak's designation for a high quality lens. By doing so, Kodak expanded their Retina range to include SLR cameras. La marque de commerce Kodak et son apparence sont utilisées sous licence Kodak. Many of the sample images for this review were shot with this very filter. designations are not things used at the time to market these cameras; the information has been unearthed by researchers and collectors in the time since. Do note, however, that time has not always been kind to these filters. shipping: + AU $26.00 shipping. shipping: + $23.89 shipping . 65 vendus. The press-on type adapter is a great choice for such cameras. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème appareil photo, photos, appareils. The rangefinder was incorporated in response to the incredible marketing success of the Argus C series. Learn and be inspired while exploring the Sony's Photo Gallery. Beginning with the 119, the knobs shrink in size, and the top housing and what appears on and within it evolves. ), it can take additional brain damage (or a conversion calculator) to really make things register. Many are either expensive, or impossible to keep running. Découvrez dès maintenant le rayon Appareil photo argentique Appareil ancien de Rakuten. Cocking knob: also winds the film, on the top plate, Double exposure prevention: Before winding, you have to press the knob just beside the cocking knob, and immediately release, at this time a red lever on the top of the lens-shutter barrel indicating that the shutter is set, if it does not show, the winding knob must be turned, Frame counter: on the top plate, additive type, manual setting, Viewfinder: reverse telescopic finder, separate eyepiece, Flash PC socket: old type, on the lens-shutter barrel, Self-timer: lever on the lens-shutter barrel, Back cover: removable, opens by a latch on the bottom plate. Kodak Instamatic 500 With Telephoto Lense. "RF" stands for "rangefinder" and is not officially part of the camera's name. The Retinette 1A is a series of rigid-bodied 35mm viewfinder cameras made in Germany by Kodak AG. Focusing: match the rangefinder images in separate rangefinder eyepiece by turning the thumb wheel coupled to the lens focusing ring or simply lens front element, Shutter: Flash Kodamatic leaf shutter, speeds: 1/10-200 +B & T; setting: ring and scale on the lens-shutter barrel, not works wo/ the film in the camera, Shutter release: on the lens-shutter barrel, w/ a finger support for security. By doing so, … "RF" stands for "rangefinder" and is not officially part of the camera's name. I don’t possess one, but apparently there are adapters or accessory spacers that allow you “stack” more than one filter at a time, useful if you wanted to use two auxiliary close-up lenses together for more magnification. They were produced from 1959 to 1966. £124.95 + £10.95 P&P . shipping: + $30.56 shipping . I hope you’ll agree, for a 90 year old compact 35mm camera, this Kodak Retina Nr. It was sold with either the Schneider Xenon C or the less common Rodenstock Heligon C 50mm f2 lens. 117 does a pretty amazing job. 28,07 EUR. From Bulgaria. As mentioned in the article, Retina expert Paul Barden services all my Retina cameras. Note that no lens cap is used; the door serves that purpose, although it’s by no means a tight, dust-proof seal. Once you have taken a picture, that small knob is turned clockwise just about one quarter turn; the film counter on the photographer’s top left of the housing will increment at the same time. £12.99 ... appareil photo kodak retina reflex IV. KODAK RETINA IIc 35MM FILM CAMERA WITH RETINA HELIGON 50MM F2 LENS & CASE. The 117, on the other hand, was the only one embossed with a simple bold serifed typeface; Bodoni or something quite similar to it. It’s equipped with either a Compur or Compur-Rapid shutter, the latter having a faster 1/500th of second top shutter speed, and the former being limited to 1/300th. Free shipping . Other articles where Kodak camera is discussed: Eastman Kodak Company: …in 1888 he introduced the Kodak camera, the first camera that was simple and portable enough to be used by large numbers of amateur photographers. This camera is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. $29.50 Kodak 603 4078 Ultramax 400 Color Negative Film (ISO 400) 35mm 36 Exposures Carded. The Kodak Matte 35mm Film Case is a portable steel film case that holds five rolls of 35mm film. As such, they require servicing periodically in order to maintain correct and accurate operation. I wanted to test the use of a vintage Ednalite +1 close-up auxiliary lens, provided in Series V drop-in form, with my No. C $34.44 1 bid + shipping . 15,00 EUR de frais de livraison. Kodak 35 RF is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by Eastman Kodak and produced between 1940-48. Well, folding Kodak Retina obsession, anyway; from the Nr. This was Kodak's response to the quite successful range of leaf shuttered Zeiss Ikon Contaflexcameras introduced in 1953. In any case, the wide array of contrast filters, close-up auxiliary lenses and other Series V drop-ins available for these adapters — all fairly common on eBay and similar sites — bring a lot of utility to the 117, particularly if you shoot black and white.

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